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Welcome to the Warm Milk and Honey Healing Blog

July 31, 2020

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Hi.  I’m Suzie. 

So happy you stopped by.  Welcome to the Warm Milk and Honey Healing Blog, where we can connect over living, loving, and healing.  I provide psychotherapy services via telehealth to the Phoenix metropolitan area and surrounding cities.  I serve those who are seeking healing from trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, women’s issues, relationships issues, life transitions, and for those who are seeking personal growth and transformation.  You may be a past or present client, or perhaps a prospective client checking things out while you consider your options.  Maybe you are a colleague, an associate, a friend, (my mom!).  In any case, welcome! 

A dream that had been brewing and stewing for at least 13 years.

I opened the doors of Warm Milk and Honey Healing Psychotherapy Services early in the summer of 2020.  The glimmer in my eye to own a private practice first appeared in about 2007, when I found myself studying at Cambridge University while living overseas.  Over the three years that I was involved with the university, I studied anesthesiology, psychopathology, DNA, counseling, and grief and loss. 

I returned to America with a love of afternoon tea, a three-month-old baby, and an irresistible urge to bid a sweet adieu to the government contractor work that I had engaged in for the prior decade so that I could do the work that I was meant to do.  Boston University School of Social work and I found one another and I saw my first patient in 2014.

At a community mental health clinic in Dayton, Ohio, I worked with the severely and persistently mentally ill, providing outpatient therapy for those struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues.  From there, I moved into a position in forensic psychiatry and worked with the courts and an amazing collection of folks to develop and implement a trauma treatment program for survivors of human trafficking.  And then Baby #2 arrived and I stayed home for a bit.  There were sleepless nights and folding tiny, adorable socks and first steps and exhaustion and giggles and trips to the ER.  All the things.  You know them.  When it was time to return to the working world, I was ultimately fortunate to find a position in palliative care, which was a massive shift from the forensic psychiatry world but hearkened back to my grad school days, when I spent the afternoons volunteering with the local hospice.  Such beautiful work was done here, deep in the communities where the work was so badly needed.  And then a move to Arizona, where I returned to a community mental health clinic, providing EMDR and grief therapy.  My professional (and personal) tapestries are colorful and intricate and imperfect and all of these wonderful experiences have brought me here, to you.          

It is my hope that you’ll find something that stirs you in these pages. 

Something that fills in a gap in your knowledge, that connects a few forlorn and detached ideas.  Something that makes you laugh on a day when you felt like you might not laugh again.  Something that really resonates, deep in your heart and insists that you pause, even briefly, in a gorgeous, luscious, mindful moment.  Soak in those moments.  Bask in them.  Be present with your entire body and soul in them.  And then take what is useful back into your realm to Live, to Love, to Heal.  

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